Select Transparent Stuff with Blend Modes! – Photoshop Tutorial

Easily Mask Transparent Objects by Using Simple Blend Modes and Change the Background in Photoshop! In this video, we will mask a wine glass on a white background by using the concepts of how Blending Modes work, along with Blend-If.

Also in this tutorial, we will learn to create realistic reflections on the glass along with techniques to match it with the background. Then, we will also create a shadow to make the composite natural.

Hope this video helps, thank you for watching 🙂

2 Ways to Select Transparent Objects in Photoshop:

1. Sample Image of Glass (Stock):
2. Background Image:
3. Finished PSD: (Only for our Patreon Family)

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  1. Diana Halstead says:

    This is an excellent tutorial, Unmesh. Great tools to use on any image. (btw….loved the ads!)

  2. Ferrujado says:

    Dude, thats the best youtube photoshop channel

  3. Hotra says:

    Thank you so much for explaining every step in details. What a really, really true MVP !!

  4. JP in JC says:

    WOW! You FINALLY made me understand “Multiply” adjustment in just 30 seconds of explaining it. Unreal! You are a fantastic teacher!!

  5. iiimik3 says:

    holy sh!t man, thank you so much for these advanced tutorials. Also, thank you for taking the time to explain and make sense of the blending mode names and what they actually do, i’ve always struggled with understanding how to know which one to use and when! It’s that sort of thing that makes your tutorials stand out. It’s the difference between just memorizing steps and truly understanding them! Thank you Thank you!

  6. Bodya 2.0 says:

    Truly the Best Photoshop guy on YouTube

  7. Arif Hossain says:

    Recap <3 this is the best way of doing a tutorial <3

  8. Hasnain Khimji says:

    This is what I was looking for.. Thank you so much Unmesh Sir… However, all of your tutorials taught me many techniques, but this one stays on top for me.
    Really really helpful.
    Thanks again and stay blessed!!!

  9. Adrian Delos Reyes says:

    “What is the blend mode that is the exact opposite of Multiply?”

    Me: Divide!


    Me: oh

  10. Daniel Marin says:

    God! I need your keyboard: ‘( thanks for all your tutorials. I always try to catch up thanks to you!

  11. Mark Zaikov says:

    THE BEST EVER, I’ve learned so much and even small features that affects the workflow huge

    Thank you so much!

  12. The Basics says:

    I thought I was gonna see some commercials when he said he wanted to take break lol…. Nice Video man…. I am not into photo editing but I couldn’t stop watching it 😉

  13. Alexander Indorato says:

    dude I love this tutorial but I got lost waaaaay at the beginning! regardless thanks I’ll give it a try

  14. dkraz3175 says:

    I don’t know why or how this showed in my recommended videos but I’m so glad it did. Great video! Very well explained!

  15. r4vis says:

    I thought i was at least decent at photoshop

    i suck :v

    • pubg maniac says:

      Always you will find somebody better some people use pictures others like me draw all from scratch it take less time for me and keep my skills sharp is more inportant how to use perspectives 3 point perspective or how to lower orizont in rise it to make your Photoshop composition feel different

    • S Masco says:

      Wow .I now have a headache, dude. I’m going over to “change hair style” video. Even picture of me suck. Lol.

  16. Amira Foad says:

    2019’s creative suit has been faulty all around btw. Premiere has been crashing on export and its auto save doesn’t work (and I counted on it working so as you can imagine I lost some valuable time) Photoshop crashed often, and I heard from a colleague who uses After Effects more than I do that it crashes for them. We’ve all had to go back our older versions at the office.

  17. Gaming With Prince says:


  18. Peter Ogunjinrin says:

    this is interesting. I love the fact that you were able to use familiar mathematical knowledge to describe the “multiply”. I’ve never heard that from any youtuber that does what you do.

  19. Sam Naik says:

    For the first time I got the fundamentals of blend modes even though I had been using it since a long time…. Great job

  20. L Cat says:

    I stacked for some time in liquify what tool I should use in pushing those: twirl, pucker or boat? Could be more distinct in this part? The glass has too much Stock marks! Others went more or less OK. Thank you.